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The exclusive bespoke service with our Master Tailors.

Wherever you are, in London, Milan, Munich, Moscow, Dubai, Edinburgh, Dublin, Rome, Naples, Bari or Lecce; a Sartieri Master Tailor is ready to join you to create a very precious bespoke suit made entirely by hand, with 60 hours of workmanship and completely canvassed.The Master Tailors Sartieri are Masters of experience who have made or are making the history of the highest Italian tailoring . They are those who dress illustrious characters all over the world and stand out for their class, their skill and experience. Sartieri is proud to be able to collaborate with them and to be able to offer its customers such precious clothes and an exclusive service.

Handmade in Italy

Sartieri wants to go beyond the concept of Made in Italy, allowing itself with humility and dedication to hoist the Handmade in Italy flag aloft. More than a concept, a real philosophy, a mantra.

All our creations are individually handmade by our artisans in Italy.

In every creation, the Sartieri artisans lavish passion, dedication, wisdom and experience, all to give you a product of the highest level, tailor-made for you.

The precious New Zealand wools, the refined Egyptian cottons travel a long journey to arrive in Italy to be worked with ancient traditional techniques. The result? From all this come the best yarns and the most beautiful fabrics exclusively for us, which are woven by the skilled hands of our craftsmen who with patience and care dedicate their lives to the raw material, giving life to something unique and unrepeatable: a garment "Sartieri".

Made to measure

Sartieri offers to its customers a unique measurement service thanks to the experience of our tailors who work with dedication to create the perfect tailored suit. The goal is to create the garment with the best wearability, eliminating every minimum defect and adhering as much as possible to a principle of precision. The made to measure Sartieri is proof of elegant clothing studied in every detail with passion and dedication, a product that represents all the cornerstones of haute couture.


Our suits, as well as our jackets, trousers and vests follow a long and complex manufacturing process. Clothes for us are the pillar and the fulcrum of our company. The finest New Zealand wools are selected by the most famous wool mills in the world, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, Guabello and Cerruti are just some of our best suppliers of fine fabrics and yarns. The wools are worked with traditional techniques that give these yarns very high degrees of finesse and a soft hand like silk. The hands of our artisans sew these exclusive yarns together as if they were painting a picture. Every detail is finished, as if it were a brushstroke. All this to achieve a single purpose: to give our customers something unique, exclusive, tailor-made. A modern masterpiece of craftsmanship. A "Sartieri".


Sartieri offers to its customers garments produced with the best 100% pure cashmere fabrics, selected from those of the most important companies in the textile scene, the undisputed reference point for the creation of cashmere garments with a unique sensitivity, sweet to the touch and weight. very light.



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