Blue Striped Poplin Shirt


This wonderful club neck, very popular several years ago, is back in the limelight conquering not only the hearts of the nostalgic but also of the most futuristic from a fashion point of view. Its shapes are soft and tapered and putting it in white in contrast with this extraordinary striped poplin fabric creates a unique effect. A mix between past and future that is conjugated and which claims to dress the one who is not afraid to dare.  From business to leisure, this shirt follows the wearer flawlessly and with ease.


This fabulous club collar which was very popular a few years ago is now back in the limelight and highly sought-after, not only for its nostalgic value but also as a forward-looking fashion trend. A narrow, casual collar in white to contrast with the extraordinary striped poplin fabric of the shirt creates a unique effect. A perfect blend of past and future for the man who is not afraid to take chances.  This shirt allows the wearer to move flawlessly and effortlessly from business to leisure pursuits.

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