Sartieri sells masterpieces of sartorial craftsmanship such as suits, shirts and ties produced exclusively by hand in Italy with only the best Italian fine yarns. Billions of possible combinations and an exclusive home measurement service in major European cities, Sartieri aims to revolutionize the world of haute couture by guaranteeing the highest quality of raw materials, labor and service with the aim of achieving a single goal. : the satisfaction of our customer.

Sartieri, like all beautiful things, comes from an encounter. A meeting that took place between its founder and one of the greatest existing masters of Neapolitan tailoring. Modernity and innovation that meet tradition and experience. The inspiration derived from this meeting led Sartieri to rethink the classic tailoring model which is often only a tribute to the suit and the tailor who sewed it; instead bringing the customer who has to wear it back to the center of the scene. Thus was born the idea of no longer bringing the person to the tailor shop but the tailoring to the person. Sartieri is born.


In 1632 the Sartieri were a noble Italian family, settled in the then Duchy of Parma. The story tells of a rich and powerful family whose main activity was the trade from the East and Egypt of rare and prestigious silks and fabrics. At a certain historical moment their trade became so important and flourishing as to frighten the neighboring Venetian traders, also in the trade of fabrics. A conflict arose which led "the Sartieri" to flee to avoid being overwhelmed by the Venetians, and were thus forced to abandon their trade in fine fabrics and silks.
The illustrious sound of the family name still echoes to this day. Sartieri wants to reconnect an interrupted thread more than 300 years ago, an evocative name of some values and traditions that have disappeared over time that Sartieri wanted to rediscover. A name made of craftsmanship, prestigious yarns, haute couture and passion. The desire to bring digital innovation to the service of a traditional art, making the shopping experience of its customers something unique and unforgettable.


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