Duke Shirt White Solid Color


A great classic. A selection from more than 2000 white cottons, led Sartieri to choose an Egyptian cotton of the highest quality and with unique finishes and finesse. From formal to less formal, there is no occasion when you can't wear a nice white shirt. Customizing the collar or matching cuffs for cufflinks can make this extraordinary shirt even more elegant. Conversely, a sportier collar and a less demanding cuff make it suitable for all occasions. Inevitable on our white shirt are the real Australian mother-of-pearl buttons, which embellish the shirt, giving it the final touch of class.


A great classic. From a range of over 2000 white cottons, Sartieri has selected a high-quality refined Egyptian cotton with a distinctive finish. From formal to casual, there is no occasion for which a crisp white shirt is not perfectly adapted. You can make this extraordinary shirt more formal by customising the collar or adding double cuffs. Conversely, a more sporty collar and a casual cuff make it suitable for all types of occasion. The white shirt is finished with the indispensable Australian mother-of-pearl buttons, giving it a final touch of class.

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