Wedding: the perfect tailored dress for those who get married and for those invited to the wedding.

There is a particular day in every man's life when all the spotlight is on him. Whether he is a sportsman who loves to wear comfortable clothes, or enjoys a deep relationship with his favorite pair of jeans, on this occasion he will not be able to do without a real tailored suit: it is the day of the wedding and the elegance doesn't have to be an opinion.
Beware, however, that once the ceremony and the highlight of the celebrations have passed, the eyes of the
guests will move between the buffet and the accurate analysis of those present at the wedding, and if you are the favorite target, it better be because you have an enviable outfit.
Whether you have been invited to the wedding of a dear friend, or that you are that friend, it is up to you to choose whether to invest in the role of the knight, or in that of the waiter. Sartieri leaves nothing to chance and gives you some practical advice:
A "royal" wedding in the church
If we are talking about a church wedding in which we want to feel a bit "princes", the right choice is tight o mezzo tight of new conception. It is an extremely elegant dress, consisting of a jacket with a single button, short in front and with a more or less long tail at the back that ends in a wide brim. The color can be black or charcoal gray and is paired with a white shirt with cufflinks and a stiff collar. An elegant vest with 5 buttons or 8 double-breasted buttons to be combined with a plastron or a silk tie. The dress also requires a cylinder and a cane, not to be worn during the ceremony, but which will certainly add a touch of originality and elegance to the wedding. Black and lace-up shoes, make sure that even socks that are black or anthracite. Traditionally, if the groom wears the morning suit, all the men invited men or at least the witnesses must do so too.
Get married in a municipality
If the wedding day will take place in the town hall, the clothing may be less formal, but this does not mean that you will have to give up a tailored suit made to measure for you and that respects the canons of masculine elegance. In this case you can opt for a classic dress, iron gray or blue, with jacket
single-breasted, with or without slits. Worsted fabric and cuffless trousers, the waistcoat is a plus. The shirt is always white but with a soft collar. The tie must be long, with a dotted pattern or pearl gray. The white linen pochette
is the icing on the cake. If you are the guest instead, the khaki-colored suit is a timeless classic, combined with a white shirt. While a classic dress of cold color with a fancy shirt (without exaggerating), can make you original and not make you go unnoticed.
Winter or evening wedding
A winter or evening wedding is one of the most elegant occasions you will ever attend and requires absolute formality. Whether it is the groom or the guest, it is smoking o il frac they can be the right answer, with a strictly silk tailored tie. A touch of class is the boutonniere, possibly the same as those of the bride's bouquet, cufflinks must not be missing
May. The winter outfit will be combined with a high fashion coat. Formality and elegance are recommended for those invited to an evening wedding, without too many accessories or exaggerated fantasies. And who knows, it could be the right occasion to find your soul mate too.
Albert Einstein said to leave it to the tailor to make you elegant, you can leave it to Sartieri.