The perfect knots of your tie to look at your best in any occasion

A great writer like Honoré de Balzac did not fail to say "if for the hat, the shoes, one cover, the credit for the packaging goes to the tailor, for the tie, you have neither help nor support; you are left to yourselves "and in fact he was not completely wrong.

It is now known that when a woman imagines the perfect man, she can only imagine him in the so-called "suit and tie".

The tie is a double-edged sword. Well matched and knotted with elegance is the icing on the cake. A detail that can indicate security, decision. Worn carelessly, it can give those who look at us, or who we meet for the first time, the wrong idea of us.

It is important not to combine the tie with one tailored shirt that has the same pattern, the tie is a style accessory and as such, one must distinguish from the colors ofsuit.

A tailored tie it has a quality that is recognizable to the touch but also the sight wants its part and it is important to realize the right knot for every occasion. There are hundreds of unique tie knots.

Beforepurchase of a tailored tie it is good to be informed about the main ones that you cannot fail to know and which occasions they are combined with perfection.


Simple or four in hand knot to look your best every day.

This is the classic knot symmetrical, with a conical and elongated appearance. IS quick to perform and in a few moves it will be perfect. It suits tall men and a all kinds of shirt collars. With this knot you will be on the safe side and you will never risk being out of date or too eccentric. A trick to make it even more elegant is to make a dimple before tightening the knot.


Small knot to never leave your job interview to chance.

By a business meeting and for a neat and elegant appearance, the small knot it is certainly the most suitable. Indispensable on a Italian shirt collar, with a narrow buttoning. The small knot will ensure you a safe, tidy, ambitious impact but with the right amount of modesty. On the other hand we know that simplicity is always in fashion, even more so in employment relationships.


Onassis knot for a casual evening with your family.

Named after the handsome businessman who designed it in the 1960s, this knot is perfect for one informal dinner in the company of your loved ones. It is made like the simple knot but the wide part of the tie is left free like a scarf. Why give up your favorite accessory? The Onassis knot is the one that will give your children the idea of a successful parent, only with a few fewer rounds of ties.


Windsor knot for special occasions.

The tie fits any occasion, but in big events is the undisputed protagonist. The knot Windsor is the one suitable for a marriage, for the baptism of your child or for a very elegant one gala dinner.