Our suits, as well as our jackets, trousers and waistcoats undergo a long and complex working process. Suits are the focus and pillar of our company.
The most prestigious New Zealand wools are selected by the most important wool mills in the world: Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, Guabello and Cerruti are just some among our quality fabrics and yarns suppliers.
The wool is processed by using traditional techniques that give to these yarns a great level of finesse and softness, just like silk.
The hands of our artisans sew these exquisite fabrics together almost like if they were painting a work of art: every single detail is paid attention to as if it were a brush stroke. And all this just to achieve our goal: offer to our clients something unique, exclusive, tailor cut.
A masterpiece of craftsmanship: a Sartieri.

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    London Gray Checked Waistcoat - WAISTCOATS - Sartieri Discover More
    London Gray Checked Waistcoat

    € 250.00

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