About us

Sartieri is the first online tailor's shop to sell masterpieces of tailoring such as suits, shirts and ties, all produced entirely by hand in Italy using only the finest quality Italian yarns. Sartieri offers more than 1 billion possible combinations, and provides an exclusive service of taking measurements at home in major European cities. The company aims to revolutionise the world of tailoring, ensuring the highest quality raw materials, labour and services, with a view to achieving a single objective: the satisfaction of our clients.

Sartieri, like all good things, started with a meeting. The meeting took place between the company's founder, Oscar Santi, and one of the greatest living masters of Neapolitan tailoring, Giuseppe Ramundo (aka "Geppino").

Modernity and innovation encountered tradition and experience. This meeting inspired Oscar to rethink the classic model of tailoring, which is too often just a eulogy to a suit and tailor who created it. Instead, he decided to give centre stage to the customer who has to wear the garment. In this way, the idea was conceived of bringing tailoring to the people rather than people to the tailor. And so Sartieri was created.

In 1632, the Sartieri were a noble Italian family, settled in the then Duchy of Parma. The story tells us of a rich, powerful family, whose main business was trading with Egypt and the East to procure rare and precious cloths and silks. At a certain point in history, their business became so important and successful as to intimidate the nearby Venetian merchants, who also traded in fabrics. This created a conflict which drove the Sartieri family to flee to avoid being overpowered by the Venetians, and they were thus forced to abandon their trade of fabrics and silks.

The illustrious family name still has resonance today. Sartieri wanted to mend a thread that was broken more than 300 years ago: reviving a name that still evokes values and traditions that disappeared with time. A name redolent of craftsmanship, of the finest cloths, of haute couture, and of a spirit of dedication. There was also a desire to use digital innovation in the service of a traditional art, making the purchasing experience of its customers into something unique and memorable.