The slow fashion revolution

We live in a world ruled by the logic of mass consumption and the one of “fast”, which have forced us to scarify true values, authenticity, quality and the very love for crafting in the name of mass profit and of a better economic resource allocation. Sartieri wants to be the bearer of a revolution which will get to the very foundation of our culture in order to overcome the rules of a tasteless and sterile fashion.
We believe that fashion does not only mean “cover yourself with clothes” but mainly, wear them. Our mission is to value those things that have been debased by a ruthless market.
The pillars of our revolution are based on the quality of our resources, dignity of labour, love for true things and time. This revolution has already started and it will remain at the basis of our Manifesto for many years to come.

The five pillars of the Slow Fashion Revolution

  • The best existing raw material opposed to the low quality fabrics made with synthetic fibres and treated with harmful chemicals for both our health and the environment. We want to make sure our clients get the maximum available quality on all our fabric, produced by the most important wool and cotton mills. All our fibres are natural, untreated and produced with traditional techniques, based on the highest standards of quality and checking the spinneret’s origin. All rigorously done in Italy.
  • Dignity of labour, not like some factories in the poorest countries of the world, where people are forced into exhausting shifts in order to cut down costs. Despite the alluring prospect of saving money by working with those factories, we decided to value the very skilled artisans here in Italy. We invest on them, guaranteeing optimal working conditions and fair salaries. We also make sure that all those who work with us follow the same ethos with their employees. Our mission is restore the right lustre to one of the oldest and most traditional existing professions.
  • Unique individuals. We live in a world where the idea of conforming has taken over our freedom to be ourselves, in order to make us the same of our next door neighbour. We rebel against it. We offer our clients more that one billion of customised options, taking into account the different measurements of each one. Our idea of fashion is clear: unique items for unique people.
  • Love for genuine things and for the environment, and not least, time. Time is the most precious gift we offer our clients. To create a Sartieri dress, a shirt or a tie takes time.
  • All our creations are handmade, infused with the necessary patience to make an item of clothing at its best. We value each and every single step of the production and focus on respecting the environment by only using fibres from those who comply to the highest environmental standards. We do our best to reduce to a minimum the journeys of raw and semi-finished materials in order to limit our emissions.
  • The passion for our job is at the basis of what we do. Only passion generates the best, only love creates. We put love and passion in what we do because we believe in it. All this to produce unique couture, filled with our soul.